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Surprise! April 23, 2010

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Ok…..a surprise for the library. For several days we have been receiving packages from Amazon.com with books packaged in them. We didn’t order them, so where were they coming from? Today the mystery was solved read this from http//:deweydonationsystem.org

Down and Dewey – Day Four-ish

We’re just a few books away from one hundred donations to libraries in need and I can’t thank you guys enough for your help.

Today’s wishlists:

Hardee County Public Library: Their call for help on their webpage alone should be enough. Already having to close their doors on the weekends, Hardee County Public Library, which serves the tiny town of Wauchula, Florida, and several area libraries, is struggling to have enough money to continue to provide Internet access for its community. I saw the picture of the Lake Placid library, with the comedically sad, wonky letters, and was reminded of a story my mom likes to tell. When I was thirteen and had just moved to a tiny Texas town, I thought I’d find some escape at the library. Mom says I came home inconsolable. “They have like, SIX BOOKS!” I wailed. “It’s like a BOOKMOBILE!” I sobbed into my pillow screaming, “We can’t live here! What am I supposed to READ?!”

It’s not like boys were kissing me, okay? I had books. They never complain when you hug them.

So I’m picking this place because there’s a very good chance this library lives inside a strip mall, what with the way the website makes it look like you’re walking into a We the People. Their Facebook page and their blog shows just how much they care about the community, especially the needs of the children (with an apparent emphasis on homeschooled kids). I see pictures about computer classes for adults and babysitting classes for teens, arts and crafts and movie nights. But I don’t see any books. Can we send them some?

So a huge thank you to all who sent us books. We appreciate all you have done….

Thanks to Florinda, Joanna,Ami, Pamie, Gwen,Heather, Sarah,Patricia,Stephanie,Hillary, Michael,Valeri, Angela, Carolyn

Thanks again for the Books we love them and we love you!


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