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Wauchula Elementary Donates Money to Friends of Library May 29, 2009

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The Wauchula Elementary School Student Council doanted $100. to help the library purchase the 2009-2010 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Books. These are the books the schools use for their yearly “Battle of the Books”.  Thanks you so much for the donation.IMG_0406IMG_0407


Colors of the Rainbow May 18, 2009

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What better way to teach colors than a rainbow and “Fruit Loops?”

Our Thursday morning storytime heard stories on colors and  finished the morning off with “Fruit loops.”

Not only are they fun to glue down on a  rainbow… they sure are good to eat too….IMG_0387




Sunshine May 13, 2009

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Gee…. Don’t you get tired of all these fund raisers?  Well, no, so here goes another.

Help us put a little “Sunshine” in the Library.

By pulling a tag and buying or donating the dollar amount you can help us add the

2009-2010 Sunshine State Young Readers Award books.

Last summer these books did not stay on the shelves, they were checked out over 300 times.

Thanks again to Hardee County for all of your support.


Thank You!! May 8, 2009

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Well the Chairs for Children auction is now over and I’m pleased to say we raised $1175.

A big Thanks to all of our artists and winners.

Stay tuned we plan to do this again at Christmas.

So if you have any old chairs, or know of someone who does donate them to the library and we will get them to the artists who have signed up to help us out with another Auction in December.


Chair Update May 4, 2009

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The Bidding for our “Chairs for Children” ends Friday at noon.  Lets make this week the best ever in bidding.  The Seminole Chair is still the highest @125.00.

Here are the newest updates for bids:

Bluebirds is now $65.00


School Days is now  $55.00


Lovin’ Small Town Livin’ is now$55.00img_0324_640x480

Widcat Sassy is now $60.00img_9369a


You Did It! The people of Florida roared – and the state’s leaders listened!

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You Did It!  The people of Florida roared  – and the state’s leaders listened!

  Yesterday afternoon, during the Joint Budget Conference Chairs process, the House proposed funding State Aid at $21,253,978 and last night the Senate just came back and accepted, but the Senate was not willing to accept the funding source proposed by the House so state aid funding was left in limbo overnight.


This morning they came back and met through the day.  The decision was reached shortly after 7 p.m.


As FLA Lobbyist Chris Lyon explained it, you did what cannot be done.  State Aid was not a conference issue.  The Joint Budget Conference Chairs weren’t even supposed to be talking about this. 


  1. He says everybody in the governor’s office knows about it because the phone hasn’t stopped ringing on the issue and they’ve had citizens coming in person on the issue since Thursday.


I wish that everyone in the Florida library community could see my e-mail from the last 2 days.  In every part of the state folks stepped up, got engaged, and made this happen.  We will never know just how extensive this effort was, but we have seen signs of extensive networks and efforts in the smallest towns in the state.  There are so many wonderful stories.  So many folks did so many innovative and clever things.  And normal Floridians who had never called or e-mailed an official, stood up and roared!


Some folks to thank!


–  Senator Crist – He was down there working it with the Conferees.  We asked for his help – and he responded.


–  Rep. Nehr – from Pinellas – and lots of others, who went to the leaders and said you’ve got to do this!


–  Senator Alexander and Rep. Rivera who would not give up on our issue!  And Senator Fasano, Rep. Gloriso, and Rep. Evers who have been there for us since the day one!


–  Secretary Kurt Browning, who has been on the hill, working for us, ably supported by Rivers Buford and Judi Ring.


–  Chris Doolin from the Small County Coaliton – and Danny Hales who has helped keep those folks engaged!  Chris has really been working it!


–  The Florida press corps who picked up our issue and put it out there!


–  And one more time Faye Roberts, who did a beautiful job yesterday as Communications Director, explaining things to the media.


–  And Lisa Manners – the Capwiz message County went over 9,000.


–  Tom Sloan and the SEFLIN folks put up a page like Capwiz and handled hundreds of messages.


Please, please, please, tell your folks how wonderful a job they did.  And tell them about how strong they are!  We “Called out the Librarians” and when we did the people of the great state of Florida came through!  They were confident, informed, positive, and strong!


Save Our Libraries…… This is URGENT May 1, 2009

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We have 48 hours to change their minds….


Budget Conferees Agree to Eliminate State Aid – Action Needed Now The Florida Legislature TED Conferees met last night (Apr 30) and agreed to eliminate State Aid to Public Libraries funding completely from the state budget for the coming year. The Florida Library Association will be contacting Governor Charlie Crist later today, asking him to intervene, to try to persuade legislative leaders to find a way to fund the program at the $21.2 million level. We will be providing press releases to Florida media outlets. With the budget process on track to end Sunday, the Florida library community has about 48 hours to get legislators to change their minds. Help get out this message – Elimination of State Aid to Public Libraries funding will force the closings of library branches around the state and have a particularly devastating impact on rural counties. Please find a way to fund this critical program. Here’s who needs to hear the message – § Your Legislative Delegation – Tell them about how the elimination of state funds for libraries will affect your community. Ask them to go to the House and Senate leadership and insist that they fund State Aid. § The Governor’s Office – Tell his staff the story. (850) 488-7146 / Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com § House Speaker & Senate President o Larry Cretul, Speaker of the House – District includes parts of Alachua, Levy, Marion counties. larry.cretul@myfloridahouse.gov District (352) 873-6564 / Tallahassee (850) 488-1450 o Jeff Atwater, Senate President – District includes parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties. atwater.jeff.web@flsenate.gov District (561) 625-5101 / Tallahassee (850) 487-5100 § Network – Contact friends groups, local government lobbyists and your local media. Ask them to join the effort.