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Beauty of Nature Poetry Contest April 24, 2009

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On Tuesday, April 21st at 4pm the Friends of the Library hosted a reception honoring the winners of the Poetry Contest.

Gift cards were given to all first, second and third place winners. These gift cards were generously donated by Mosaic. Thanks to Diana  and Mosaic for their continued support of our Library.

Winners of each division are as follows:

First Place:


Priscilla – Elementary       Maria  – Junior High       Mesqua – High School          Peter  – Adult winner not pictured  

Second Place:


Kylie – Elementary         Jennifer – Junior High            Louise – Adult

Third Place:


Karley  – Elementary      Rayna  – Junior High     Michelle – Adult

Know Your Numbers

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I recently received this information in a newsletter.

New Report Shows Library use is growing dramatically

The value of libraries in communities across the country continued to grow in 2008- and accelerated dramatically as the national economy sank and people looked for cost effective resources in a time of crisis, according to the American Library Association’s (ALA) annual State of America’s Libraries report, released as a part of “National Library Week – April 12-18, 2009.”

US libraries experienced a dramatic increase in library card registration as the public continues to turn to their local library for free services. More than 68% of Americans have a library card. This is the greatest number of Americans with library cards since the ALA started to measure library card usage in 1990, according to a 2008 Web poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

The report also says library usage soared as Americans visited their libraries nearly 1.4 billion times and checked out more than 2 billion items in the past year, an increase of more than 10 percent in both checked out items and library visits, compared to data from the last economic downturn in 2001.

However, public funding did not keep pace with usse, according to a survey conducted by the ALA. Forty-one percent of states report declining state funding for US public libraries for fiscal year 2009. Twenty percent of these states anticipate an additional reduction in the current fiscal year.

ALA President Jim Rettig said, “As illustrated in the ALA’s State of America’s Libraries Report, in economic hardship, Americans turn to- and dependon – their libraries.”

Other findings in this report:

  • Children are among the heaviest users of public – library resources. Children’s materials account for 35% of all circulation transactions, and attendance at library-based programs was 57.8 million.
  • The number of “Bookmobiles” or mobile service vehicles continues to increase from more than 930 in 2008, vs 825 in 2005.

The full text of the 2008 State of America’s Libraries is available at www.ala.org/2009

So the question is do you have a library card? Do you utilize this Libraries free services?
If not I challenge you to come down to the library and check us out, and while you’re here get  a library card.


Another Chair ” Lovin’ Small Town Livin’ “ April 21, 2009

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Yes, add one more chair to the mix and it’s bound to become a favorite. Thank you to Jen Canary for this chair.

The current bid on this chair is $50.00

Call me at the Hardee County Public Library to place a bid.

Thanks to all of you for supporting our library.




Fun Craft Projects April 15, 2009

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Recently in storytime and during our Monday homeschool group we did these crafts.

How fun are these fish?chairs009


During one of our homeshool groups we did “eggs” check out these fun pics.

Blowing out the yolk….


Eggs after cleaning, drying and decorating.



Go “Noles” – Top bid on any Chair !!! April 14, 2009

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The bidding war on the Seminole – Gator chairs is getting alot of attention. So if you LOVE your team come on in or place a bid by leaving a comment in the comment field. These comments will remain private!!


Have Fun and lets get these bids Higher!

Seminole Chair is leading with a $125.00 bidchairs0192

Gator fans you have a long way to go!! Bid at $105.00chairs021


Current Bids on all Chairs

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High Bid on this Chair is now $85.00 -“Create”  This Chair was named “Peoples Choice”


High Bid on “Color My World” is $35.00img_93101

Once Upon a Time is  at $40.oo


Garden Chair is at  $40.00


Red Hats are Fun is at $30.00


There are no current bids on “Grandpa’s Chair”


 Bids on “Grandma’s Chair” – $40.00


High bid on “old Cowboys” $50.00


High bid on “School Days” is $50.00


The Bid on “Gone Fishing” stands at $30.00


High bid for “Watermelons” is at $45.00


Our Next is “Chair of Many Colors” and is at $50.00img_9345

Bid now on “Wildcat Sassy”  is currently at $45.00


Our “Flower” chair has a bid of $30.00


Sit and Think could be yours if you can bid higher than $45.00


The bid on “Bluebirds” is at $60.00chairs026

Our next chair  “Bug Off” could be yours is your bid tops $50.00bugoff

The final chair on silent auction is “Stars”  is currently at $35.00.chairs000


Chairs Auction Date Set

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The final day for bidding on our “Chairs for Children” has been set for Friday, May 8th. So if you are in need of a special gift for Mother’s Day why not come and bid on our chairs.

So you are probably wondering which fans are the greatest?  Seminoles are winning so what can I say….GO NOLES!!!