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People’s Choice Award March 30, 2009

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The “Chairs’  made there first official debut. We took all 19 chairs to “Grillin and Chillin” on Main Street. What a success! We asked people to come in and vote for their favorite chairs. Of course there was lots  of “TALK” about which chair was best, but when all the votes were counted the People’s Choice was “CREATE” a chair done by FSU Interior Design student Sarah Cowart. Thanks to Sarah for her chair.

A huge thanks to all the artists who are helping us with this project.chairs013chairs004


Bid, Bid, Bid….  Come on down to the Library and bid on your favorite chair


Seminole Chair winning!! March 27, 2009

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The Seminole chair at this time has the highest bid @ $40.  FSU fans you can do better than this!!

Remember 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Children’s Department @ the Hardee County Public Library.


Gators you need to get in and bid you are down by $10.



If you want to bid on these chairs do so under comment – we will keep it confidential and let you know if you are out bid..just leave your email in the comment field to..this will not be viewable to the public.


Seminole – Gator Fans March 26, 2009

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So the challenge is to all you Seminole fans and Gator fans … which of you are the biggest fans??

Let’s see by bidding against each other on these chairs:

Gators- artist unknown  – 2 Seminole Fans by Nancy Collins and Sarah Cowart

Thanks to the artists… you are making this sooooooooooooooo much fun..

Let the Bidding Begin!!!!!


New Chairs

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Well we now have 2 new chairs with the next post  issuing a challenge….  ok todays chairs:

Sit and Think by- Michele Polk and Bluebirds by – Dee Shackelford





Florida Ag Literacy Day

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Thanks to our 4H club members who read at storytime today. The children learned about how food gets to the grocery store.

A reminder to students, teachers and parents:

Please remember our hard-working Florida farmers who provide food, fiber and other household goods to tens of millions of people all over the world.

Forward from: “These Florida Farms!!






ECMHSP Visits Library March 25, 2009

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Wednesday, March 25th – 15 active youngsters from ECMHSP visited the library. We started off using our “lummi sticks”, these are always a hit!!!. We shook our Sillies out to “Raffi’s” song and ended with Clap my Little Hands.  Our story for the day was in honor of Eric Carles’ 40th anniversary of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar.”  After the story and craft a tour of the library was given.

Thanks to the teachers, and parents and a very well behaved group of children.





Support Your Local Library March 23, 2009

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Now that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has been signed into law, the work to restore our economic stability will become a national priority. It has been documented that Florida libraries play a significant role in supporting the economy through a multitude of services including résumé building, online job searching, and free classes. In addition, Florida’s Return on Investment study found the following:

· Florida’s public libraries return $6.54 for every $1.00 invested.

 · For every $6,488 of public support (federal, state, and local), one job is created.

· For every dollar of taxpayer support for public libraries in Florida, Gross Regional Product increases by $9.08.

· For every dollar of taxpayer support for public libraries in Florida, income (wages) increases by $12.66.

Visit the State Library and Archives of Florida’s Economic Recovery Wiki for additional information about ARRA; to see how libraries are involved; and to contribute information on what your library and community are doing.